China Monai

China Monai

Chinara Monai Kendrick, an Emerging female vocalist who can both sing and rap. Born April 16, 1992 in Albany, Georgia. After Six years of working at Olive Garden, China left and moved to Atlanta to pursue her dream of becoming a Musician. She signed with Ugly Money Niche in the summer of 20′. Her hit single “Jetski” which is gaining quite a bit of traction on social media, is nearing a half a million views in just a little over a month since its release date. China Monai – Jetski ft. Pap Chanel (Official Video)

China Monai – Jetski ft. Pap Chanel was an all around smash! Two strong vocal perfomances with simulating visuals and a top tier beat produced by Ugly Money Niche. The repeat button is definitely broken on this song. Everything came together flawlessly. I definitely would recommend this video and song. In our interview with her on the Artist On The Rise Podcast, we talked about what the experience was like having a Music Video blowing up, a viral Tiktok campaign, while at the same time touring and doing shows. The passion she mentioned in the interview is definitely shown in her craft and work ethic. I see endless possibilities for China when it comes to growth, I think this isn’t the last you’ve heard of her. China Monai is nearing 50,000 followers on instagram. Heres is a link to follow China Monai @ Remember to watch the full video, subscribe and leave a comment on the video.


Interview with China Monai

China Monai’s Instagram


Winners of the Jetski Challenge and a couple competitors
Freestyle or write on this and put #Jetskichallenge and tag @Chinamonai

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