FinallyFree App- Dayday_music

Maine Artist Dayday_Music Set to Release “FinallyFree” A Black Owned Social Media App With Some Amazing Features!

About us

“We Are FinallyFree! Social Media has had a large impact on the way we think and the way we feel. At the end of the day, these apps are using our data off app to help target the things that will keep you on the app longer and share or sell that information to vendors for targeted marketing. Another thing, have you ever scrolled through facebook and just became angry and responded back to something out of first thought? I know I have in the past. When you search something on google then not just seeing sponsored ads from google but actual sponsored post. Targeting the weak mind with subliminal messages. I believe we need to escape the algorigthm to truly become free thinkers.” Which Is why i created “FinallyFree”. Said Dayday_music

FinallyFree Willis Out On Google Play!

Will Be Out On Apple Within A Few Months!


Community Feed

Able to Upload Short and Long Video. (Up to 150 M/B)

Profile Adjustment (Bio, Photos, Liked Videos)

Can Gain A Social Following Of Genuine Supporters And Follow Others Back!

Text and Photo Post Available As Well

Search Bar To Find A Specific User Or Video/Video Type

No User or Users Have The Power To Remove Someone From The App. With Repeated Reports!

Donate Directly to Your Favorite Creators

Creators Own Their Content

Each User Has a Wallet Connected To Paypal to Withdrawal Donations.

Creators will Receive 80% of All Donations Through App. (6% To Tax, 14% Into Farther The App)

Share And Download Your Favorite Creators Content Easily.

Community Store Products From All Approved Businesses!

Soon Will Be Able To Receive Gifts On Videos!

Group Live Rooms & More

Group Conferences

Go Live With Up to 8 People Audio Or Video

Ability To Control The Room

We’ve Also Installed A Notepad, Sound Recorder and Video Recorder To Store Ideas.

These Are All the Features Dayday_music Was Willing To Share.

Why Try FinallyFree

Why Not? KIdding

Modern Day Social Media Can be very addictive. We Don’t Use Psychological Tactics For Marketing.

I Will Never Sell or Give Out Your Information.

We Only View On App Activity To See What People Gravitate Towards More.

100% Black Owed & Managed

I will not spam you
All the content you post on our app you own.

You are able to delete your account at any point and take your content with you.

No censorship, a fair and equal human report system.

This app is handled by humans and not algorigthms #escapethealgorigthm

+1 2073138870


Donated Directly To Finally Free

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Or enter a custom amount


Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

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