Land Of The Luck – Leo The Kind

Land Of The Luck Album Cover

Leo The Kind Drops his latest EP “Land of the Luck” featuring his Single “Real One”.

I had the pleasure on finding Leo The Kind on Tiktok under @Leothekind. He is an amazing artist who had the opportunity to signed and is now a free agent looking to build and grow his community. This EP “Land of the Luck” has some amazing Travis Scott type Vibes. Definitely going to be added into our summer playlist with Fomo, which is a whole vibe. Followed by “Come to This Side” where he really showed his versatility with a more upbeat and vocally pleasing track. Leo The Kind Finished this EP with “Real One”. Real one has some dancey vibes and some potential as a viral sound on tiktok. Add Leo The Kind’s music Into your Playlist and save the album to your library today using the links below.

Real One – Leo The Kind

Fomo – Leo The Kind


Come to This Side – Leo The Kind

Land of the Luck Album – Leo The kind

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More about Leo The Kind : Leo The Kind instantly sets himself apart. The Boston-born singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, moves to his own beat and gives the world some positivity with his own alternative R&B style. Discussing his name he explained, “I chose the name Leo The Kind, because my aim is to always be one-of-a-kind.” He continues, “When I tell most people I make music they assume I rap based off of my skin color, and then, when they hear my music, it comes as a complete shock. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it does let me know that I am one of a kind. I want you to be inspired to explore, create and do something different. I want you to be reflective about how you’ve been and how you can be better. I just want you to be good.”  “I wrote “Ain’t Nobody Gon’ Judge” when I first moved out of my parents’ house. That freedom I felt when I first moved out on my own and could do what I wanted without judgement was the first spark of inspiration. But women have it way harder than men, they are constantly judged. I wrote the song to speak to the women of the world for what they go through every day, wishing them freedom from judgement. While I can’t ever know what it is like to be a woman, I want to empathize as much as I can and say, “I see you, I won’t judge you.”

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