Mist Ft. TreDeuce – Labor207

Painting by Jim Myzenski

Labor207 Collabs With TreDeuce On Their Lastest Smash “Mist”.

Maine Artist Labor207 Drops Mist Featuring TreDeuce. Produced by NoahCuz and NathanSpeiser. This track embodies the sound of what you hear on the radio today. A chill, relaxing medolic beat with smooth flows, meaningful lyrics and a great mix! All of this while having their own unique sound. Definitely a song you will want to add into your playlist when you’re trying to chil and vibe. Mist is now out on all streaming platforms across the globe. I had the pleasure of speaking with the Maine Natives and spoke about some key lyrics from their song and the meaning behind the lyrics.
“In my own time zone, yet I always seem to trip, until my mind gone until I’m part of the mist” – Labor207
“The lyrics in the chorus are about me experiencing new things I never thought existed, i also use “mist” as a double entendre in this song. Until we are part of the mist. But also until we are part of the ones that are missed…” Said Labor207.
“A great mind, a lost soul” – TreDeuce
“My lyrics are about trying to be a good person but being faced with things and situations in life that make me seem like I’m not that, but at the end of the day my intentions are to be better for those around me.” Said Tredeuce.

Mist (Feat. TreDeuce) – Labor207

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Mist Ft. TreDeuce – Labor207

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