Paris Hilton (feat. Yusdrew, $tef) – Cha$e

CHA$E an upcoming rapper from Maine comes together with Yusdrew based out of California with popular songs “Let’s Be Friends” “High Speed Chase” and underground rapper from Maine $tef.

Cha$e an upcoming Rapper out of Maine has been stacking up the features and keeping his fans on alert with consistent drops. His latest Single Paris Hilton which featured Yusdrew an artist from California nearing 30,000 Monthly listeners on Spotify. It also featured another Maine artist by the name of $tef. Cha$e has been An Artist On The Rise in 2021. Paris Hilton is a great blend between autotune rap and conscious rap. This song was a great example of the verstility Cha$e has as a SongWriter and Artist.

PARIS HILTON (feat. yusdrew & $tef) By Cha$e


Some Key Lyrics from Paris Hilton:

“I just took a shot, I let it pop just like a tommy gun” – Cha$e

“I think she like the way i’m living, Boujee rich London Tipton” – $tef

“I’m just tryna make it in the game and count my millions” – Yusdrew

Paris Hilton ft. Yusef & $tef- Cha$e

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