Running – Cam Daniel Ft. QYB Thrill

Highlighting Cam Daniel Track About The Up and Downs Of Life. ‘Running’ feat. QYB Thrill.

Today’s Artist On The Rise is Cam Daniel. Cam recently dropped his first Project Running which featured QYB Thrill. He has amassed 68,947 streams as of June 21st, 2022. Cam Daniel is showing steady growth on both Instagram and Youtube. Slowly Gaining him his ideal fan base. “Running” Had a lot of good and relatable moments in it. If you’ve ever been through the gutter, through the struggle then this song will definitely hit home. When asking Cam Daniel what the song meant to him, he said:

“The song to me means dealing with the problems that life is throwing at me. I try my hardest everyday, but life is hard y’all. We’re gonna make mistakes and mess up all the time. Those mistakes might give me some crazy anxiety one day. But at the end of the day, you made it through and you can do it again. So don’t stop running.” – Cam Daniel

Running Feat. QYB Thrill – Cam Daniel

Key Lyrics and Meaning

Lyrics: “Running through my head now don’t know where I’ll end up.” Constantly I’m running through my head with a million thoughts tryna figure out the right thing to do. “This girl she like glass cause I clearly see through what she doing.” I’ve gotten stabbed in the back by a couple of women so I’m much more aware to my surroundings now and seeing the truth. “These people around me seem to be so cold, but what do I know, I’ve got room to grow.” – Lyrics from Running Ft. QYB Thrill by Cam Daniel

Meaning: A lot of the time my first reaction is thinking that a person is purposefully being cold towards me. Almost all of the time it’s a mutual thing so I try to remember that I’ve got room to grow too.

Running Ft. QYB Thrill – Cam Daniel

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